We agreed to blow the fan together, but you are secretly "glowing"



After an epidemic

The lifestyle of urbanites was suddenly suspended:

No dinners, no bars, no bouncing, no KTV...

The daily life of two lines at work and after work

Seems a little "plain and boring"

However, the cells of self-indulgence are also stimulated

With the attitude of jumping anytime, anywhere, when you say so

You can reproduce the "daily 996, late night disco" days




What? No atmosphere can not bounce?

Then build your own disco at home

A person's party can also be very enjoyable




This so-called party party luminous artifact

may be the next new darling of the Internet

The "dazzling luminous crystal fan"

How eye-catching is it?





The floor fan is "ordinary" during the day

At night, it becomes a light in the night

Brush a wave of presence


"The wind has a crystal light and the dew has a splendor"

Starry night / Dewdrop

Acrylic light-emitting column

Two styles, seven colors of dazzling light



Between light and color

A different look for your home



Although it is not as beautiful as the "power"

But it really is a "fan"

After all, you can blow the wind when you are tired of bouncing



In addition to the special skill of "glow"

It is also an all-round ACE that is excellent in all aspects


"Feather" is different, delicate wind


7 biomimetic seagull feather fan blades

Multi-stage undulation of the surface can cut air in a larger area



Greatly reduce the noise generated by turbulent airflow

Makes the wind feel softer and more comfortable



Green water "flower" blooming, summer long


Patented deflector grille

Sunflower-like petal grille

Uniform diffusion of wind, eliminating vortex

Blowing the real natural wind



Super fine mesh

To prevent the size of friends fingers inserted

Careful care, very relieved


All over the house, coolness


Three-step wind speed adjustment

4 hours intelligent timing

Large wind and light sound

Dissipate the dryness of the heart


90° wide angle automatic head shaking

You can enjoy the coolness of the house alone

You can also share refreshing time with friends and family

Have a fun life



6 meters long-distance remote control

Easy to operate, the gospel of lazy people

The breeze is under control



Play with color, new patterns


Acrylic colorful column

Dense surface, one-piece casting molding

High value and practicality at the same time

Integrate bold colors and lights into the space

Light and shadow change, the wonderful atmosphere is haloed



Quiet Forest "Palm Green

Sweet summer "Coral Pink

Clear and natural "Moon White

Three colors to capture the colorfulness of summer

Create different atmosphere for home environment



Dazzling luminous crystal fan

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