Jixing Graphene Circulation Heater | Heart-thumping premium feeling



High-value heater, blowing out the wind are good-looking.


Ji Xing production



Gizi Star Products x Graphene circulation heater

Inspired by the combination of user-centered, aesthetics and practicality

Through the combination of artistic sense and technology

Bringing consumers a beautiful and comfortable experience

The new generation of Gizi Star Graphene circulation heater

Perfectly solves the user's pain points

Bringing aesthetics and practicality to the extreme




Real graphene, real warmth
Superconducting hexagonal crystal graphene, real whole house heating



The use of graphene nano material known as "black gold"

The true leader in the heating industry

Quick heating for the whole house, more balanced heating

Enjoy comfortable warmth when you turn on the machine

As warm as spring breeze




Super thermal conductivity

Thermal conductivity is 20 times higher than copper and aluminum thermal conductivity materials

Faster heating than floor heating

A true whole house heating solution






2 m air supply distance, 2.6 m/s wind speed

Both to ensure the use of distance, but also to ensure the heat

Enjoy the leisure and good time in it





90° wide angle shaking head to send warmth

Warm every corner of the home

Warm wind plus far-infrared wave radiation

Effectively promote blood circulation

Relieves fatigue and makes the body feel more comfortable





2100W super power
One step faster heating



High power heating is fast

3 seconds quick heating, warmth without waiting

The home is like an invisible little sun

Warm your body and heart





Fast drying, no fear of southern weather
Wash and wear on the same day



Small size, but better than the dryer

3D air outlet design, a wide range of hot air circulation fully

With it, no longer afraid of back to the south of the day

Keep your home dry at all times

All year round is full of happiness





3-speed adjustment 4 seasons universal
One button control, simple multi-function







Quiet and low noise
Quietly accompany you at night and warm you





Artisan manufacturing, details reflect care
One button control, simple multi-function


Horizontal air outlet grille air guide mesh

Combine aesthetics and practical depth

Can effectively reduce wind resistance, air supply distance farther

Carefully crafted internal corrugations, reflecting respect for the user

The shape of the arc design, the perfect combination of aesthetics and mechanics

Simple but not simple





Strength Certification
Specializing in heater design for 30 years



Specialized in heater industry for nearly 30 years

All products are designed above national standards

Passed the national 3C certification

Heating safety more attentive

Six safety protection settings

Effectively avoid the occurrence of accidents

Jixing heater allows you to use with confidence and boldness