Father's Day | Love is the new wind, the most gentle


After a mother gives birth

Oxytocin in the body surges

It activates the "amygdala" in the brain.

The "amygdala" makes us alert

We can't help but worry about our children.

Motherhood seems to be a biological thing.

Mothers are naturally more connected to their children.

And for fathers

Becoming a "father" is a choice

To be a good father

is the subject of his life




Two men

Most likely, they will only look like each other for the rest of their lives

Some lucky ones become confidants

There are unfortunately only A B

If you agree

Most fathers in the world are ordinary as can be

--Lee Jong Sheng, "Newly Written Old Songs



He is the most ordinary father

But the most wonderful father of all

He lifted me up to see the world

He gave me an unconditional way back



He never complimented me on how great I was

But in his heart he snickers with pride

He was never picky

He just gave me the best of everything



From the day I was born

He had superpowers

As a child, I always played the hero on my father's shoulders

In fact, he was the hero who defended my growth



My father has always been like a mountain behind me

Like a silent superman

Always hiding his achievements and fame

Even the expression of feelings is full of corners



He is not good at expressing himself

But we can confess

The love that we are usually too shy to say

Seriously tell him


Actually, love is not that hard to say

Happy Father's Day, Dad

And, I love you!