Public Welfare | Sending coolness in summer, warming hearts with care (above)

Since June, the hot and humid weather in Foshan has continued. For this reason, GIS has launched the "Summer Cooler" public service activity, bringing a cooler and inner warmth to medical and nursing workers, elderly people in homes and trainees in the Kang Yuan Center with a fan and a greeting.

First stop: Guangyao Hospital

The first stop for summer cooling: Guangyao Hospital

During the rampant Newcastle pneumonia epidemic, health care workers across the country, fearless of the risk of being infected by the virus, are the most beautiful "retrograde walkers" who have unreservedly joined the front line of epidemic prevention.

On the morning of June 7, Ji Xing Home Appliances and five corporate associations in Shishan sent cool drinks, fans and other supplies to the medical staff in Guangyao Hospital to express their gratitude and respect to the frontline medical staff.

The event was attended by six companies in Shishan

Corporate community volunteers deliver cool supplies to health care workers

At the same time, the corporate volunteers also interacted with the medical staff to learn about their work and listen to their stories.

Corporate volunteers interacting with medical staff

"Thank you for your dedication, you have worked hard." "The weather is hot, you must pay more attention to take care of your health." The volunteers' voices of concern and instructions are also the warmest care and most heartfelt thanks, tribute to the most beautiful "retrograde walkers" during the epidemic!


Second stop: Xiaotang Home for the Aged

The second stop for summer cooling: Xiaotang Home for the Elderly

"It is a traditional virtue of the Chinese nation to respect, love and honor the elderly.

As a result of the epidemic, the Xiaotang Home for the Aged has been in shortage of living materials.

Knowing this demand, Ji Xing Home Appliances organized 7 enterprise associations in Shishan, and joined hands with North Park-Workers Home and Shishan Town Chuangsi Station to send a batch of floor fans, cereals, paper towels and other loving materials to the elderly in Xiaotang Home on the morning of June 13.

8 companies in Shishan joint public participation such as North Park-Workers Home

Due to the closed management of the home during the epidemic, the corporate volunteers were unable to enter the home to visit the in-laws living there, and the handover ceremony of the love materials was held at the entrance of the home.

Volunteers learn about the health and diet of the elderly from President Mo

President Mo introduced that this is the first batch of living supplies they received this year, which relieved their urgent needs.

President Mo and the social workers prepared thank you letters to each enterprise and invited the volunteers to come to the home again after the epidemic was over to accompany these old people and chat with them, they would feel content and happy.

Xiaotang Home for the Aged prepared thank you letters for 8 companies

After that, President Mo Wenfang and social workers distributed the living goods donated by various caring companies to the elderly one after another, as well as conveying our care and greetings.

The social worker in the home distributes the supplies to the elderly


Third stop: Xiaotang Kangen Center

On the morning of June 20, volunteers from Ji Xing Home Appliances and five other companies, came to the Kang Yuan Center in Xiaotang to participate in the birthday party celebration of the trainees and to deliver cool materials to them.

With the introduction of the staff, the volunteers learned about the services and basic operation of the Kang Yuan Center, as well as the condition of the trainees during the epidemic.

Then, through card matching, volunteers made handmade greeting cards with the trainees.

Volunteers and participants make handmade greeting cards

In a joyful atmosphere, corporate volunteers spent their birthday party with the participants, singing birthday songs, cutting cake and sharing food together.

Corporate volunteers spend birthday party with participants

This activity allows corporate volunteers to understand more about the community service center for people with disabilities, and in the interaction with the trainees, it promotes their ability to adapt to the society, participate in the society and give back to the society, so that both parties can feel the love and warmth.

Next, the "Summer Cooler" public welfare activities will go to different places to continue to carry forward the "dedication, love, mutual help and progress" spirit of GIS volunteers.

For the sake of love, GIS is always on the way. We will further integrate the volunteer culture, corporate culture and social responsibility, deliver positive energy to the society, and be the "doer" of the public welfare road.