If the family has these 3 conditions, air circulation fan can buy


With the basic popularity of air conditioning in modern homes, people's attention to electric fans has gradually decreased.

Until the last year or two, the air circulation fan has become the newest fan session, but also become more and more people's summer choice.



Is it really necessary to buy an air circulation fan?

If you have these 3 situations at home, air circulation fan can be bought:

The first: a large space, the air conditioner can not cover

For example, in the living room and dining room as one room, the air conditioner is installed in the corner of the living room, and the air conditioner can not blow when eating in the restaurant.

At this point, you can put the air circulation fan under the air conditioner, blowing in the direction of the restaurant.

Similarly, if you turn on the air conditioner in the living room, the circulation fan can also bring the cool air to the kitchen, and you can feel cool when cooking.


*Cool air is fully circulated by the convection air brought up by the circulation fan


One of the major functions of the air circulation fan is to equalize the room temperature, with the use of air conditioning, you can make the entire space evenly spread the cool air.

And with the air circulation fan with the air conditioning, the temperature of the air conditioner can be adjusted a little higher, saving electricity.



The entire space temperature uniform, comfortable, there will be no "near the freezing death, far away from the heat" situation.

Especially the family has the elderly and children, the daily direct blowing and fear of getting "air conditioning disease", add a circulation fan can balance a little.


The second: poor natural indoor ventilation


If your home is not transparent north and south, only the south side of the open window, the north side is dark kitchen, or dark bathroom. Even if the windows are open, the air does not feel like flowing.

In this case, you can put an air circulation fan next to the window to assist indoor and outdoor ventilation.

*Put the circulation fan by the window to drive ventilation and air change


Air circulation fan as the name suggests is used to accelerate air circulation and achieve air convection.

Generally speaking, the air circulation fan can make the wind spiral out in a certain direction, which is farther away than the ordinary fan and has better directionality.

The circulation fan is placed next to the window to bring fresh air into the room continuously, which can achieve the effect of north-south convection.



Or just after the renovation to disperse the smell, open the windows at the same time, plus the air circulation fan, the wind whistling blowing up, the odor dissipated more quickly.


The third type: the weather is humid, can not open the window


Every year, once the rainy season, is a more annoying time, especially in the southern region, outdoor moisture, the home is a waterfall.

If you feel stuffy with the windows closed, you can put an air circulation fan at the door of the room.

*Spiral airflow to break up indoor air


Accelerate the evaporation of moisture to keep the room dry inside.

Although it is not indoor-outdoor ventilation, but only indoor air flow in several rooms, but it is always more comfortable than being stuffy in a room.

Jixing this year's two new air circulation fan, one is a desktop circulation fan, a floor circulation fan.

◎Â- Desktop air circulation fan

New desktop favorite this summer

Compact fan brings instant coolness

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✔Tabletop design, suitable for use in the office / small room.


✔Modeling round and simple, the use of a unique air duct design to enhance the wind speed, bring the effect of wind gathering, increase the circulation of air, wind distance as far as 6m.


✔Weight only 1.9kg, desktop, bedside can be put, small does not take up space, light and move freely, girls hold and walk effortlessly.



✔Support left and right 80 ° automatic head shaking, up and down angle 90 ° adjustable, wind from all directions, covering the whole room.


✔Twist operation with two levels of wind power, stirring the air in the room, forming strong convection and bringing new air flow.


◎Small cyclone air circulation fan

More comfortable than a fan More energy-efficient than an air conditioner

Circulating fan that can be used all year round

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✔It can be used all year round to quickly circulate indoor air and restore a more realistic natural wind.


✔Adopt high performance DC DC motor, four large inclined fan blades plus support, with poly wind deflector, extended air duct design, blowing spiral-shaped vortex wind.



✔Only 2 minutes, you can achieve a full range of 30 square meters of room circulation 1 time, really make the air flow at home.

✔25w rated power, a summer electricity use of only 10 yuan, more to help the air conditioner to save 30% of energy consumption.



✔The wind sound is as low as 20 decibels, such as butterfly flapping wings silent.

✔ Support touch control and equipped with remote control, control distance up to 5m, a key to open, comfortable and other wind to come.



* Black technology - natural wind - Jixing small cyclone air circulation fan