Buy Jixing fan does not smell good - the whole network of exclusive aromatherapy fan, your summer exclusive

Summer is just around the corner

Fans are jumping on the bandwagon and ready to restart their lives

But do you think that in the heat of summer

We need only cool?


Imagine: blowing the cool breeze and smelling the fragrance at the same time

Such a day, does not smell good

Such a literary and fresh fragrance of the summer

The whole network exclusive - Jixing aromatherapy air circulation fan



The fresh breeze leaves a fragrance everywhere

Sultry summer, indoor air is not easy to circulate

It is especially embarrassing for people who sweat a lot

Have an electric fan with aromatherapy

Is your second choice



Mosquito repellent

Put a few drops of floral water in the built-in aroma box

It can repel mosquitoes and give off a fresh fragrance at the same time

During the long summer nights

No more mosquito infestation

One breath, one inhalation, drunk in the dream




If you put a drop of essential oil in the built-in aromatherapy box

it will refresh you

in those sleepy summer afternoons

No more drowsiness

Full of energy for work and study



You can also put a drop of essential oil

Let the fragrance waft through every corner of the room

Combine refreshment and fragrance into one

Keep yourself cool for the summer

And make your home space fresh for the summer


Indoor circulation Balanced room temperature

Three wind speeds, can be moved at will, suitable for all seasons

Super strong and super far 10 meters air supply

Instantly break the boundary of space and distance

Circulating air supply can balance the room temperature

Effectively improve indoor air problems and air quality



​High and low expansion, three-dimensional shaking head

You go out, swaying with the wind

The wind at home, swaying with you

Automatic 90° left and right headshake

Up and down 90° manual adjustment

Realize your "happy standing, sitting, lying down and lying down"

the ideal summer

Craftsmanship quality Made with heart

The industry is refined in the specialized, craftsmanship into a micro language

Jixing focus on each product details.

Use professional technology to polish

Use a large number of test data to test

With real consumer experience to prove

Only for this "aromatherapy air circulation fan"

perfectly presented to the hands of customers



R&D cycle took 300 days

Drop test 100 times

Motor life test 3000 hours

40 days for niche consumer experience




Small and convenient face value single product

Ji Xing appliances 9 inch-1 type aromatherapy electric fan

Mini body, young and old

Circulating aromatherapy, silent

Four pieces of color aluminum blade design, high-grade quality

Classic black models, stable and stylish

Sky sea blue models, fresh and bright

No matter which one you choose

Is a high-quality choice of Jixing appliances manufactured by the heart

Good-looking, cool and good-smelling summer

All will belong to you