Innovative R&D speeds up! Jixing Innovation Incubator “Chuangxing Workshop” was officially completed
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Innovative R&D speeds up! Jixing Innovation Incubator “Chuangxing Workshop” was officially completed

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2018/01/06 11:41
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On the morning of December 30, 2017, in front of Jixing “Chuangxing Workshop”, the red carpet was covered and the flowers were fragrant.
"Chuangxing Workshop" was officially completed.
Jixing innovation R & D and then speed!
Adding a strong boost to the development of the small appliance industry!
On the morning of December 30, 2017, in front of Jixing “Chuangxing Workshop”, the red carpet was covered and the flowers were fragrant. The opening ceremony of the "Chuangxing Workshop" project was held in the new factory of Jixing. All levels of dealers from all over the country joined with business leaders to witness this moment worth celebrating.
Wu Xingcui, chairman of Jixing, and Huang Baoyu, general manager, together with dealers, cut the ribbon for the “Chuangxing Factory” project and announced the official completion of the “Star Creation Workshop” project of Jixing.
Guests from distributors across the country are visiting Jixing “Chuangxing Workshop”
In the ten years of wind and rain, Jixing people have always been growing up with many business partners in an innovator's attitude, and they have come out with a path of innovation and dare to forge ahead. Today, Jixing has also ushered in a brand new enterprise innovation incubator. "Chuangxing Workshop."
The innovative and professional incubator is an important booster for the transformation of enterprises and for the sustainable development of enterprises. Nowadays, the global small home appliance industry is facing a historic opportunity for innovation and transformation. The rapid development of the Internet model and the shared economy is driving the small home appliance industry to a new future.
As a member of the small household appliance brand industry in China, Jixing has unwaveringly promoted independent innovation over the years, digging deep into user needs, and is committed to providing users with newer and better products. The inauguration of “Chuangxing Workshop” will provide even greater support for the incubating and application of Jixing’s innovative technological achievements.
  Introduce new + shared resources
The era calls for innovation. With the intensification of market competition and industry reshuffle today, Jixing has been following the development of the market. Xingxing Factory is an effective platform for promoting enterprise innovation and promoting the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and is an important carrier for promoting the transformation and upgrading of Jixing. It is a successful way to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises and enhance their overall strength.
For a long time, Jixing has continuously invested in establishing a comprehensive and multi-level development system including R&D, manufacturing, management, and talents. Today, Jixing has a mature market network, advanced ERP system, strong CNAS national inspection center, and human resources advantages. These are transformed into shared resources, making full use of industrial manufacturing costs, logistics transportation costs, and time costs.
  Majestic Jixing "Chuangxing Workshop" Building Exterior
Homeopathy + Model Innovation
The “Star Creation Factory” building is the innovative incubator of Jixing, with a total construction area of more than 20,000 square meters. The Department of Plastic Injection introduced the most advanced intelligent machinery and equipment in the industry.
In the future, we will integrate the core components of the electric fan, including motors, injection molding, IC panels and chips. It is an effective measure to cope with the current increase in logistics costs and raw material costs. It is an effective measure to reduce business costs and enhance supply chain integration. It is also a beneficial attempt for the innovation and entrepreneurial work model and is a good start.
 Gemstar dealers visit the automated operation of the new injection molding equipment in the "Star Creation Factory"
Looking to the Future + Brand Leadership
"Innovation is the primary driving force for development." As the leader of China's small home appliance brand, Jixing Appliance knows this very well. "Chuangxing Workshop" will be able to exert greater innovative functions and functions in the future. It will be applied to small household electrical appliances to provide consumers with a better home life experience, thereby enhancing their own product image and gaining better reputation. For other independent brands, this is also a reference for ways and patterns for seeking better development.
Ji Xingren has always been dedicating her hard work and wisdom to her constant heart and passion, and has also continued his innovation and transcendence. He has used his actions to interpret the spirit of “Ji Xing”. Innovation is endless and tomorrow's Jixing will give us more expectations!