Single product mass - lead distributors hot stocking, winning 2018 sales market
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Single product mass - lead distributors hot stocking, winning 2018 sales market

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2018/01/22 11:18
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In the current home appliance industry, the economic situation is not optimistic. With the acceleration of consumer upgrading and enterprise transformation
In the current home appliance industry, the economic situation is not optimistic. With the acceleration of consumer upgrading and enterprise transformation, the industry is entering an adjustment period. When many home appliance companies began to shrink in the winter, Jixing continued to expand its production capacity, and the various departments of the company started to make full use of it. They worked overtime to produce more products. It was fiery. Jixing was preparing to win the 2018 sales market!
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In 2018, this is a new starting point. In order to seize the new opportunities brought about by the upgrading of consumption, Jixing regards the “Star Power, the single product mass era” as the distinctive business of Jixing Company exploring in 2018, in this marketing model. Under the guidance of ideas, the distributors at all levels of Jixing have greater confidence in the future sales performance, and they have expressed their desire to stand on a higher level under the new market conditions, marketing environment and competitive landscape.
  The chairman of the company and its distributors visited the latest "single product" in the exhibition hall.
"Single product quantity" means that we must achieve the ultimate in single product, so that the value of a single product exceeds user expectations, so that everyone is willing to pass word of mouth. The word of mouth goes deep into people's hearts and eventually realizes the explosion of a single product, so that a single product can be massive.
In the “Single Product Mass” marketing model of Jixing Company, in order to take the initiative in the sales market in 2018, Jixing Company introduced a system of preferential policies, and Jixing all levels of dealers also increased their stock preparations before the year. Jixing’s marketing staff actively communicated with distributors to arrange shipping for customers, and sent problems that needed to be resolved to the company’s WeChat group every day, so that everyone could see that Jixing’s current shipping status was in time. Improve the enthusiasm of all staff.
Faced with sales orders made by large numbers of merchants to Jixing throughout the country, all Jixing personnel are still in short supply in order to meet demand and produce goods for overtime production day and night. In response to the current situation in which Jixing’s production capacity is in short supply, Jixing has made many measures:
The employees of Jixing Production Department began to extend the overtime hours, and the management staff of Jixing used the evening time to support the production workshops to produce goods, and to work overtime to support the production on weekends.
Through overtime production, increase manpower investment, currently the production capacity of Jixing products is gradually expanding, and Jixing company will certainly do its utmost to meet the stocking needs of dealers across the country, for the 2018 Jixing distributors in the "single product mass" Under the business model, the achievement of increased revenue and escort!