Good Luck - Gemstar Lights up a Heart Light
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Good Luck - Gemstar Lights up a Heart Light

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2018/01/25 10:29
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In ancient times, the advocacy of "a good day, better than the daily bonuses; a good day, you can build a good moral!" Every day we do something we can to help more people,
One heart light
Illuminate dark corners of the soul
One heart light
Every minute that brings hope
In ancient times, the advocacy of "a good day, better than the daily bonuses; a good day, you can build a good moral!" Every day we do something we can to help more people, we can accumulate good fortune, and make society more beautiful and harmonious. As such, good deeds have become a permanent legacy.
In the vision of Jixing's corporate culture, “business is sweeping, sweeping is conscience,” is an important business philosophy that every lucky star has to adhere to in their work and life.
In daily work, “business is sweeping” has reached its ultimate goal in Jixing 5S site management. Each department has adopted the 5S management method to sort, rectify, clean up, cleanse and literate in each job responsibilities, so that every lucky star is working. In the sublimation, the harvest is full.
"Sweeping is a conscience," that is, through behavioral sweeping, it is further promoted to the cleansing of the soul, and people can achieve a new level of good deeds. It is also a positive energy of social inheritance to create a happy and natural way of life with charity, good deeds and actions. Jixing advocates good deeds to start from scratch, so that everyone can feel the dignity of life in work and life, and know how to be grateful.
For many years, Jixing has not only done good work with its employees, but also worked with many dealer partners to advocate good deeds in business operations, and took responsibility and responsibility for this society.
On December 31, 2017, at the National Star Distributor Conference, the management staff of Jixing and its distributors from all over the country prayed for the good news for their families, companies and the country. Jixing company specially prepared 500 meritorious fund for each guest who came from afar. I hope they can bring Jixing's blessing to his hometown Ji De.
Being charitable and assisting the poor has always been the traditional virtue of Jixing. Mutual assistance and support for suffering is also a new trend advocated by Jixing. In the New Year's Day of 2018, just after the New Year's Day, Ji Xing’s production department’s son, a three-year-old son from the Honghe Hani and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture in Yunnan Province, was being treated at Kunming Children’s Hospital because of leukemia.
After learning of this incident, Jixing employees circulated fundraising information in a circle of friends, and Jixing Love Community immediately took action and organized employees to make donations for our colleague Xiong Jinqiang family. At the same time, Jixing and Jixing Union also extended a helping hand. Thanks to the generous donation of love, the donation for the family of Xiong Jinqiang exceeded 30,000 yuan.
Maybe all we have done is only paying a small sum for medical expenses, but we believe that infinite love will raise a holy aura and help him fight off the disease.
A heart light, wish everyone safe and happy.
A heart light, wishing the land peace and good fortune.
Turn on the light and illuminate the darkness to illuminate the earth.
Turn on the light and illuminate everyone's heart.
Point a light to illuminate the fire of everyone's hope.
Click on a light to illuminate every dark corner of the world.
If you are in full bloom and the breeze is coming, Jixing hopes that everyone can accumulate virtues, cleanse one's heart, purify the soul, and send beautiful things to every corner of the world. Good deeds report, relays Jixing positive energy.